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12 Moving Tips That Will Save You Time, Money & Frustration

Move Efficiently - Ways to move faster, smarter and cheaper

At last! You found the home that’s perfect for you and you’re all excited…

Until you realize you still have to pack all your stuff and get it moved without breaking your belongings, your back, or the bank!

At Good Time Moving & Storage, we believe life should be full of pleasant surprises, so we compiled a list of the 12 best professional recommendations and created a checklist just for you!


Tip 1:  Start Early

Although you may be able to pack and move faster, we recommend starting 3 to 8 weeks before your move.


It allows you sufficient time to:

  • Research the best moving company for your unique situation – friends, family and coworkers who have recently moved may be able to provide good recommendations!
  • Select the best day for your move – one that may also save you money!
  • Enlist the help of others – the right help can make sorting and packing fast and fun!
  • Get rid of things you no longer want or need – added benefits: you save money and de-clutter all at once!
  • Deal with the unexpected.  Life is full of surprises and you’ll be able to relax if packing takes longer than you expect.


A Moving Plan Helps You Move Faster, Smarter and Cheaper

Tip 2:  Have A Plan

With our Planning Your Move guide and Residential Moving Checklist, you’ll have a step-by-step, organized plan for your move.  And, we make it even easier by providing a timeline for each step so you can quickly add those tasks to your calendar!


Tip 3:  Keep Everything About Your Move In A Brightly Colored Folder

Make it easy to find all the information that relates to your move by keeping it all in a brightly colored folder that’s easy to spot.

Things to keep in this folder:

  • Planning Your Move guide
  • Residential Moving Checklist
  • Estimates
  • Contracts
  • Business Cards from realtors, property managers, home owner association managers, service providers, and anyone else related to your current home, new home or the move
  • Receipts – If you’re moving more than 50 miles from your current residence due to your work, many of your moving expenses may be deductible.  Here’s a link to the IRS’s tool that will help you determine which moving expenses are deductible.


Tip 4:  Keep Moving Boxes, Packing Materials and Moving Supplies Together

Having these items in one place and taking what you need when you need it will enable you to quickly see if you’re running low.

Be sure to have plenty of moving boxes, packing paper, packing or shipping tape (don’t use masking tape or duct tape because these won’t stick to your boxes), markers, labels, and inventory sheets.

BONUS:  Save money and time by printing our downloadable moving box labels, box inventory, and moving inventory sheets on your own printer!


Tip 5:  Pack Strategically

  • Save time and money!  Leave items in dresser drawers or chests, instead of packing them.
  • Use available space in dresser drawers, chests and empty laundry hampers and suitcases to pack items like towels, linens, pillows and stuffed animals.
  • Pack your least used items first – like art and decorative items, books, china and silverware.
  • Pack pillows, comforters & blankets, linens, towels, stuffed animals, shoes and purses in the bottom of wardrobe boxes, then hang clothes at the top.
  • Pack lightweight items like linens, towels, stuffed animals, etc. in large boxes but don’t pack them so heavy they’ll break.
  • Pack heavy items like books and tools in small boxes.
  • Pack soft, unbreakable items in sturdy trash bags.  Movers love this because these fit in cracks and crevices and make your load more steady.
  • Stack and pack lampshades (small to large) in one box by themselves to prevent them from being soiled or damaged.
  • Inventory things as you pack them so you can quickly find things once they arrive at your new home.
  • Pack things you will need right away (like bedding, towels, toiletries, paper towels, hammer, nails, box cutters, scissors, measuring tape, etc.) in an “UNPACK FIRST” box and be sure to add “Unpack First” to the label so you can find it quickly!


Tip 6:  Label Moving Boxes

Labeling boxes on two sides and color coding your labels makes it easy for movers to know which room in your new house the box belongs in.  This will save you time and money on your move.

When you arrive at your new home, tape the appropriate color-coded label on the doorway of each room so the movers can unload things where they belong without having to constantly ask you!


Tip 7:  Change Your Address At Least A Week Before Your Move

Skip the trip to the post office by using the USPS online Change of Address Form to change your address!


Tip 8:  Use Up Items In Your Refrigerator & Freezer

Movers cannot move perishable items.  Groceries are expensive!  Save money and hassle by using up items in your refrigerator, freezer, and other perishable items.


Tip 9:  Plan To Keep Important Papers, Heirlooms, Cash, and Valuables With You

Our Items To  Keep With You list will help you determine the things you need to consider.


Tip 10:  Place Cleaning Supplies In A Box To Keep With You For Moving Day

Our Residential Moving Checklist provides a list of the cleaning supplies you may need.


Tip 11:  Be Ready For Movers When They Arrive

  • Have everything packed before the movers arrive.
  • Disassemble large, bulky furniture like bed frames and tables.
  • Be sure to place nuts, screws and other fasteners in plastic bags and tape them securely to the items they belong with to make reassembly easy at your new residence.
  • Roll and tape area rugs so they’re easy to move and load.


Fruit and Nuts Make Great Snacks for Moving Day

Tip 12:  Have Snacks And Bottled Water On Hand

Moving day is always busy and, before you know it, you’ve gone all day without eating.  Be sure to have snacks like apples or bananas, trail mix, nuts, peanut butter crackers or snack packs, and plenty of bottled water on hand.


Remember to download your free Residential Moving Checklist, and be sure to check out the other downloadable items on our Moving Resources page.  If you don’t see what you need, please let us know about it using our Contact Us form.