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How Do I Prepare for a PPM Move in Murfreesboro, TN? Packing & Moving Checklist & More

For those in the military who are undergoing a move you might want to apply for a PPM or a Personally Procured Move. There are a number of steps involved to apply for and begin a PPM for those in the military. Those who want to apply for a PPM and undergo a move without hassle, Good Time Moving & Storage will share the all the steps involved with a PPM and to ensure your move goes more smoothly.

How to Do a Military PPM?

Step 1. Your very first step is to apply for a PPM with your base Personal Property Transportation Office or PTO. When applying for a PPM, make a checklist to ensure you get approved. On your check list you’ll want to include:

  • Advance of Funds Application and Account or also known as a Standard Form 1023.
  • Obtain a Certified empty weight and loaded ticket. This should contain the name, social security number, and signature of the weight master.
  • Travel Voucher or Sub voucher, which is Original DD Form 1351-2.
  • Have a copy of all the registration forms for the moving truck if needed.

Step 2. After you filed for all of the tickets and applications necessary, your next step is deciding on your moving options. Will you be moving yourself or seeking the aid of a moving service? If you want to do the moving yourself decide if you will require renting a moving truck or trailer. If you’re using a moving service, make sure you make your arrangements now to schedule the moving service and what size truck you will require.
Step 3. Depending on the nature of the move or the items you’re moving you may want to seek or confirm your insurance coverage. Especially if you’re doing the moving yourself. In the event there is an accident, you will want all the proper policies and insurance in place. Talk with your TPO and see what insurance or policy applies with each state if you are crossing state lines and how your coverage will follow you.
Step 4. When your days away from the move, make sure to pick up your operating allowances, and calculate the total weight of your belongings that you are moving. This is the purpose of the weight and loading ticket, so you know what the total payment of the PPM will be.
Step 5. Make sure to collect all the receipts of all the costs associated with the move. This could include the payment of the rental or moving service, moving or packing materials, moving equipment, and gas and oil expenses. The receipts will help calculate final profits, taxes, and other financial information of the move which will need to be turned in to the TPO.
Step 6. Lastly, turn in or submit your information or settlement within the allotted time. Once the move is complete you will have 45 days to submit your claim and receive your payment or allowance form the PPM.

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Good Time Moving & Storage have assisted with and have experience in military moves. By following all the proper PPM steps, we hope with our services you will have a smooth and stress free move. If you’re looking for a quality moving service, contact Good Time Moving & Storage and schedule your move date today.

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