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How Do You Avoid a Moving Scam in Waverly, TN? Move Quotes Should Be Free, Movers Should have Website & More

If you had made the decision to move to a new location you need to do some major research. If you are going to a new city or a new state it can be a big change. You need to research the new city for places that you are going to need access to such as groceries stores and doctors’ offices. You may also want to do some research on what moving company that you are going to use. A long distance move is best left to the professionals. It is a real task to get all your belongings packed in boxes, loaded on a truck and driven to the new location. When you use a professional you are sure to be at ease with the move. The moving company offers services that can help with everything from packing to driving. When you hire a moving company you want to feel confident that you are getting what you paid for. There are some moving scams out there that you need to be aware of so that you are taken advantage of. Good Time Moving & Storage lists some of the tell-tale signs to look out for when Hiring a Moving Company.

Moving Quotes Should Be Free

If you call a company to see what services they offer and what the price would be to move you and they charge to give you a standard quote you may be getting scammed. A moving company should be able to take down some information about the size of your home and the rooms that you need to move and get you a general price. There are always additions that can be added to the price once they do the final walk through but a starting price should be a free option. If they want to charge you to do any bidding at all you need to rethink hiring the company.

Movers Should have a Website

If a company is a scam they won’t spend time and effort on building a website for potential traffic. They are hoping that some smooth talking is enough to get you to hire them. It is a great idea to ask the company if they have a website so you can go to it and take a look. You can determine that the phone number listed on the site goes to that same place. Call using that number to ensure they are with the same company. A website takes time and money and helps to legitimize a long distance moving company.

Moving Company Reviews & Customer Feedback

The company that you hire will hopefully have been in business long enough that they have some customer base. If they are able to show you a google listing that has positive feedback from real customers you can rest easy about them. It is a great way to show off that your customers were satisfied with the service. In return when you have used their service it is a great way to show your support to help the next family looking to hire a mover.

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