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How Do You Label Things for Movers in Gallatin, TN? Gather Packaging Supplies & More

When you are ready to make the move to a new city the prospect can be very stressful. There is a lot that goes into getting a new place to stay and moving all the things that you own. There are many reasons that people choose to relocate. Some of them are moving for a new job, school or family. These are all great reasons but that does not eliminate the stresses of trying to pack all your items safely. That is why having a great plan for your long distance move is a great idea. You need a plan of action so that you know what to expect when you arrive at the new location. You also need a plan so you are ready to pack up when the movers arrive. The packing is something that you do not want to underestimate and be sure that you give yourself enough time. This not only makes sure that your belongings make it safe but the unpacking will be easier as well. Good Time Moving & Storage offers helpful tips on marking and labeling your boxes for your big move.

Gather Packaging Supplies

When you are ready to move and you want to start your packing it is important to get the right tools for the packing. This will include boxes that vary in sizes so that you can pack each item in an appropriate sized box. There are boxes that are specific to clothes, books and dishes so a variety is a great idea. Also have packing paper so that you can fit the items in your boxes without the wiggle room that often breaks your items. Then go out and get tape for the boxes which is the best way to secure the boxes so that when they are moved they are not able to come back open. Then collect markers that are fresh and have a lot of ink in them. The markers are a huge part of the labeling and you want to make sure that you have several colors for when you start marking.

Color Code Moving Boxes

Once you have all the items that you are going to use to pack you need to make sure that you use a system to code the boxes. If you just write the room on the side of the box the chances that it will end up in a different place are likely. The labeling is important to get unpacked quickly as well. The best way to ensure that you have the right labeling you want to code them to a specific color. Use a color for each room and use corresponding tape as well as markers. This will help the people that are helping know where to place the boxes by looking at a color. Have the same colors on the door way of each room as well so that there is no confusion about where the items will go.

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