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How Do You Protect & Secure Your Unoccupied House After Moving Belongings Out in Columbia, TN

When you are thinking about moving you most likely have come up with a new residence, sold your house if necessary and hired a moving company. For a move to a new place that is unfamiliar to you is already bad enough. Now add the stress of trying to pack, load and truck your items to your new place. The moving process can be scary when heading to an unfamiliar place and stressful trying to get it all in one load. The great thing about hiring a moving company is they can remove a lot of that stress and make it so you can concentrate on other areas. Some of the things that you can then focus on is the new area and finding schools, grocery stores and gas stations. You also need to get your utilities turned on and any phone and cable accounts set up. One area that many people don’t even think about is the security of the home while it is left empty. This can be for days and even weeks if you are doing some traveling to a new location. The security of the home needs to be taken into account so that you could keep would be vandals and potential squatters out of the home. As the seller of the home you are responsible for the safety of the house until it is transferred to a new owner or tenant. Good Time Moving & Storage offers some great tips when moving and keeping your empty home secured.

Leave Lights On in Vacant House

One way that you can keep some prowlers or would be burglars out of the area is to cover areas with light. The light is a great way to stop areas that are otherwise left dark. These darker areas make it so that intruders will be seen as they try to find a way into your home. These lights are to be installed on the exterior of the house in all areas. That will include the back and sides of the home. The lights can be set on a timer or on a sensor to give the effect that the home is being lived in. When they are on and off throughout the day and night it looks as if someone on the inside is switching them on. It is a great deterrent and security addition to your home while moving.

Use Surveillance & Alarm System in Unoccupied House

Another great way to keep an eye on your home while the house is left unattended is to use your security system. You can have one installed or continue to monitor the one that is already in the home. The great thing with security systems is that they come in tons of styles and types. You can get them with cameras that link to your cell phone so you can see at any given time. You can get them to send you alerts when there is unwanted activity and sound an alarm at the same time. Sometimes the loud noise is enough to send a robber running away.

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