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How Long Will My Move Take?

Time Costs Money

“How long will my move take?”  That’s one of the first questions our customers want to know when planning their moves because it affects both the cost of the move AND the amount of time they need to be available to oversee their move.

While that is definitely an important question, it is also important to understand that:

  • every move is unique
  • there are several factors that may cause a move to take longer than expected, and
  • there are things YOU can do to ensure your move is as fast and efficient as possible.

Although the actual time required to complete a move can vary significantly from the guidelines below, in general, professional movers use the following timelines as a baseline when estimating the amount of manpower and time required to complete a move.

Dwelling SizeTime Required
Studio or 1-bedroom Apartment2 – 3 hours
2-bedroom Apartment3 – 5 hours
3-4 bedroom Apartment6 – 7 hours
3-4 bedroom House7 – 8 hours
4+ bedroom House10 hours or more

Source: Apartment Guide Blog


Professional movers, like Good Time Moving & Storage, are committed to ensuring your belongings are delivered safely to their intended destination.  So they take the necessary precautions to ensure your items are adequately protected.

These precautions include:

  • padding furniture and other items to protect them from scrapes or scratches
  • shrink-wrapping items like dressers and cabinets to ensure parts aren’t lost and they don’t open or shift during the move
  • bagging mattresses and box springs to prevent them from being soiled during the move
  • disassembling some furniture (like tables and lamps) to make them safe and stable to move
  • carefully loading and stacking items so the load is balanced and stable, preventing damage to your belongings

While these steps may take a little more time than just grabbing items and putting them in the truck, they prevent your belongings from being soiled or damaged.


The most common factors that affect the amount of time to complete a move include:

    • How much furniture
    • How many boxes
    • Oversized items such as a safe, piano, pool table, hot tub, etc.
    • How close the moving truck can be parked to your location
    • Long hallways, corridors or walkways (distance of your belongings from the moving truck)
    • Distance between current location and destination
    • Sharp turns or things that obstruct the path between your location and the moving truck
    • Elevator size and availability
    • Number of flights of stairs
    • Traffic caused by weather conditions, road work, or events
    • How many flights of stairs
    • Furniture that requires disassembly to move
    • Number of unpacked items (odds and ends)
    • Additional stops (pick-up or delivery locations)
    • How prepared you are to direct where your belongings will go in your new location and how well these items fit
    • Conditions of walkways, paths, and parking space – wet, slippery or uneven surfaces require extra time and precautions
    • Road conditions due to weather and road work

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