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How to Pack Antique Furniture for Moving in Hendersonville, TN; Choose Right Packaging Materials & More

Moving can be a very stressful time, yet nothing is more stressful than wondering how to properly prepare your precious antiques. Antiques cannot be replaced or easily repaired if they are damaged during a move. When it comes to packing your antiques, you will want to take all of the steps necessary to ensure they make it to their destination unharmed. For those who will be undertaking a move and need help ensuring your antiques move safety, Good Time Moving & Storage will share what steps you can take.

Prepare Antiques for Packing

Before you begin to prepare to pack your antiques, know that some antiques may call for special care. For example, you may want to clean and oil wooden furniture to not only to clean it, but so the oil can help strengthen the wood and help it adjust to a different climate. Other furniture may need to be waxed or hardware might need to be tightened down. Depending on the type of antiques you have, you may want to have it cleaned and any maintenance done before you pack it up. Additionally, by preparing the antique before packing it up will give you the opportunity to inspect your antiques and make notes on preexisting damage.
Choose the Right Packaging Materials

Choose the Right Packaging Materials

When packing antiques, especially the smaller ones, you will want to consider using the best material to package the items. Cardboard boxes are strongly discouraged when it comes to packing delicate antiques. You will want to provide a strong outer layer to help protect your antiques. Consider using wooden crates or plastic moving bins to help provide the needed protection. Next, you will want the item to fit securely inside the moving container. You will want to use a box filler materiel such as bubble wrap, paper, shipping peanuts, shredded paper, or blankets. You will want to fill-in empty spaces inside the container and prevent the item inside the box from jiggling around. With the proper materials you can begin packing your antiques.

Packing Your Antiques

When packing your antiques, smaller items should be in strong containers or crates and all of the gaps filled in to ensure the item inside is secured. Additionally, label the outside and make sure that you add the word “fragile”, or “do not stack on top.” This is so when the moving truck is being loaded, you or the moving crew will know to save the antique boxes for last so they are strapped down to prevent them for moving around too much. When packing large antiques you will want to wrap them with a moving pad or moving blanket. You can even get custom crates made to house large antiques which provide a protective shell. Make sure no tape comes in contact with the antique directly as the tape can damage the surface of the antique. To hold the moving padding in place, keep the tape on the padding itself. When moving day arrives, be sure to consult your moving service. Make sure to advise them about your antiques and tell them if you want any extra precaution you would like them to take when moving and unloading your antiques.

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