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How to Protect Hardwood Floors & Stairs in Franklin, TN; Don’t Drag Any Heavy Furniture on Wood Flooring & More

One of the many concerns when you are in the middle of a move, is your hardwood flooring. Any time your home is going to see that much foot traffic, you need to be concerned about the damage it can cause on your floors. Luckily, there are some options out there that can help protect your hardwood flooring during your next move. Good Time Moving & Storage is here to share some of those tips with you.

Importance of Floor Mats when Moving

At every entrance, you need to have sizable floor mats to help remove debris from the bottom of all the shoes going in and out of your home. You should choose mats big enough that the first 3-4 steps of any given person will be taken on the mat before touching your flooring. This is especially the case anytime you find yourself moving on a day with less than desirable weather. The excess water, mud and salt that comes with bad weather will destroy your hardwood flooring. A high quality, absorbent mat will do wonders in keeping water off your hardwood.

Cover High Traffic Areas when Moving

Using whatever you can find, you need to cover the high traffic areas of your home. This may be old sheets, blankets, cardboard or a thin plastic coating that clings to the floor. Any of these options will work to protect your floor from scratches, dents and other damage during a move.

Don’t Drag Any Heavy Furniture or Boxes on Wood Floors

Dragging heavy items across your hardwood will leave damage behind. No matter how heavy the furniture or boxes may be, don’t drag them even though it might be tempting. When using a dolly to help move heavy boxes, make sure it has rubber wheels. Heavy furniture may need to have the bottom covered with a blanket or other soft fabric in case it gets dropped. This will offer protection against dents. If you don’t have felt pads on the legs of your furniture yet, you will want to have them in place for the move. They are a great idea for everyday use as well so that furniture moving on your hardwood doesn’t damage it in the process.

What to Measure Before Moving into a New House

It’s a good idea to measure the space and have an idea of where you what your belongings to before moving day. Trying to fit oversized furniture through doorways that are too small and rooms that can’t accommodate them could leave you with nothing but damaged flooring when all is said and done.

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