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How to Set a Moving Budget in Knoxville, TN; Cost of Hiring Movers, Insurance, Packing Materials & More

When you need to relocate your home either in the same city or across the country, it can be a major task. When moving, especially over a long distance, you should never attempt a move yourself. Hiring a professional moving service can save you time, money and stress. When it comes time to move it can also become a major expense and if not properly planned out, you can spend more time and money moving. When planning out a move it is important to figure out the moving budget. Good Time Moving & Storage will share how to properly plan out a moving budget. It is important to figure out the cost of a move to prevent over spending and be better organized. When planning out a moving budget, there are a few major elements to consider such as follows.

Cost of Hiring a Moving Company

When you are moving and you decide to hire a moving service, each company will vary on their service and pricing. Some movers will charge differently if you are moving locally or long distance. However, it is common for a moving service to charge by the mile, by the hour or a combination of the two. When pricing out the use of a moving service make sure to properly calculate how far you will be traveling. Additionally, ask if they charge additional fees for additional services such as loading and unloading. Some companies even provide unpacking services. It is important to know the total cost of a moving service as well as all fees and service they provide to get a clear number of cost.

Moving Insurance

When moving, especially long distances, it is highly recommended to seek out and invest in moving insurance. Moving companies often offer a “full protection” plan which is essential moving insurance. If any item is damaged during the move the moving service will reimburse you the full value of the damaged item(s). To provide peace of mind and to hold the moving service accountable, invest in moving insurance.

Cost of Packing Materials

When figuring out the moving budget one tricky element to budget for is moving materials. Many people under buy moving boxes, tape, and padding materials. Too many time’s homeowners will make more than one trip to the hardware store to buy more boxes and other packing materials. Overtime the cost adds up. It can be surprising to see how much money is spent on moving materials that is used only one time. Moving can seem like a major waste of money. However, keep in mind that cardboard boxes can be recycled which makes them an ideal moving material. For those who do not know how many boxes or what types of boxes and other moving materials they will need or how much, there are moving box calculators online that can help you. Most calculators work by first imputing how many bedrooms are in the home and three levels of level styles or how many items you have in your home. These calculators are not an exact science but they get pretty close, which saves you extra trips and additional money spent on moving boxes.

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When moving, calculating how much money it will take to move and then stay within the budget to avoid additional costs of the move. For quality moving services, contact Good time Moving & Storage today.

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