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Is it Better to Sell Your Furniture when Moving or Pack & Move in Columbia, TN?

When assessing your home’s inventory, it suddenly occurs to most how much stuff they truly have accumulated over the years. When you have to move the contents of your Las Vegas, NV home to another state, the thought can be overwhelming. In an effort to minimize the load, many professionals recommend downsizing. Getting rid of the old stuff you simply do not use is a good place to start. Chucking the garbage or holding a garage sale or donating the items that is in good shape is the actions of most. More often than not, the donated or sold items are old clothes and accessories, art work, and manageable items that can be easily carted away. But the real question many people are faced with is what to do with the appliances and furniture that is yours. Some consider selling it off and buying new when they get to their destination where others are unsure whether they should just transport it to the new home. In an effort to help you decide what to do on the subject, Good Time Moving & Storage would like to offer some considerations.

Is My Old Furniture Valueable?

If you happen to have the perfect furniture that accommodates your needs, is the ultimate style you could ever hope for including design, color, and look, if the furniture is comfortable and you could not ask for better, take it with you. You will likely not be able to find a replica or find something you completely love and if you already own it, it is worth taking it to the new home. If there are some aspects that you are pleased with but not necessarily in love, then go down the checklist:

  • Comfortable
  • Functionable
  • Durable
  • Overall good condition
  • Good fit for the new home’s layout

If it fits the above criteria it is likely worth taking it with you. If the furniture is old and deteriorated, won’t fit well in the new home, or is not comfortable, a yard sale or a donation center might be better.

Sentimental Value

The sentimental value is a primary factor. You likely do not want to part with a treasured family heirloom or a piece that is associated with a special event or time in your life. This goes without saying, if it is sentimental, it is well worth the investment to take it with you.

Is Old Furniture Worth Anything?

Moving furniture is one of the costly items to move, as most moving companies move your home’s possession according to weight and miles. Financial worth can easily play a part in your final decision. If it is high-priced item that is a part of a vintage or collection, it is in your interests to keep it. If it is low-cost, standard piece of furniture or a generic appliance, might be best to sell it and replace it with new when you get to your new home.

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