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Packing Supply Checklist in Columbia, TN; Moving Boxes, Bubble Wrap for Fragile Items, Labels & More

Are you preparing for a move? When it comes to a move it is important to have all of the right moving supplies just as much as the right help. When it comes to making a moving supply list, it can vary from household to household. When moving a commercial setting, the needed moving supplies can change completely. Good Time Moving & Storage would like to help provide a sound move supply checklist to help you get all of the supplies you will need.

Packing Supplies

Moving Boxes: One of the main moving supplies you will need is, of course, boxes. When it comes to boxes, there is a huge variety to choose from. Boxes will vary in size from small, medium, large, too extra-large. There are also wardrobe boxes and even boxes with built in separators for dishes and glasses. When packing, never use boxes that are too big, or small boxes for heavier items whenever possible. Get the right size of boxes you will need for each item in your home.
Packing Tape: When shopping for moving supplies, you will need some moving tape. You can use clear packaging tape or duck tap. When buying moving tape you can never have too much. Often moving tape runs out before you are done packing. Don’t be afraid to buy an extra roll or two.
Packing Paper & Wrap: Packing paper is a must as it can be used to fill in gaps between your breakables. You can also wrap fragile items to prevent them from breaking. Plastic wrap is another must as it can wrap dressers closed or keep specific items together.
Bubble Cushions & Bags: For extra or more effective padding, you can also invest in rolls of plastic bubble wrap or even plastic bags that can help pad and act as a cushion. To prevent fragile items from breaking, padding is essential.
Label & Markers: You will want to label everything. Make sure to have markers and if necessary, labels to put on your boxes or item. Label the items in the box and what room they go into. This step helps make loading and unloading the moving truck go much smoother.

Moving Day Supplies

Moving Truck: On the day of the move you will want to either rent a moving truck or hire a moving service. You can rent different sizes of moving trucks. A professional moving service will have moving truck of all sizes even big ones that can move an entire household in one trip.
Dollies & Lifting Straps: When it comes to moving the super heavy items you will want to have a dolly or lifting straps to help lift and move these items. A professional moving service provides dollies and other moving equipment. If you hire a service you do not need to get one yourself.
Moving Blanket or Moving Pads: To protect furniture or unboxed items you will want to use moving blankets or moving pads to provide a barrier between them.

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When moving, you will need proper packing items and moving day supplies to make sure the move goes more smoothly. If you want help from a professional moving service, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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