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Pros of Climate Controlled Storage in Dickson, TN for Musical Instruments, Wood Furniture, Photos & More

Moving can be stressful. It can be made more stressful when you find that your new place isn’t quite ready for you yet. Whether you are building a new house or waiting for the perfect home to come up on the market, there are many times that people need to move their belongings into storage while they are waiting. It is important you get the right storage unit to keep your belongings as safe as possible though. is here to talk about what may lead you to turn to a climate-controlled storage unit over the traditional storage unit you have used in the past.

What Things Need Climate Controlled Storage?

If you have any of the following items in your home that will need to be stored, you should opt for a climate-controlled storage unit rather than a simple storage unit to avoid damage.
Electronics: If you are going to be storing any electronics, including your household appliances, they will need to be climate controlled. If they are left in extreme heat, it can cause rusting due to humidity issues. The constant fluctuation in temperature is also extremely hard on batteries. You can see a significant decrease in battery life when they aren’t store properly which includes a constant temperature.
Musical Instruments: Any wooden instruments or string instruments should be stored in a climate-controlled unit. These instruments are very sensitive and can sustain damage easily when they aren’t stored in an area with a consistent temperature.
Wooden Furniture: Wood is a living thing that is constantly swelling and contracting with moisture and temperatures. When the wood goes through that swelling and contracting due to extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations, it can cause significant damage to your furniture. Any valuables that are made of wood should never be stored in an outdoor unit.
Photos & Documents: If you have old photos that are irreplaceable to your family, you definitely want to take great care when storing them. Weather fluctuations can take a toll on your photos and important documents which is why they make it on the list of items that shouldn’t ever be stored outside where they are susceptible to the extreme weather conditions.
Antiques or Collectibles: Antiques are especially fragile as they are old and made of brittle materials. It would be so discouraging to find your collectibles or antiques damaged because they have been left in the elements.

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