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Strategies for Unpacking After a Move to Millersville, TN; Moving Essentials Box, Color Code Boxes & More

Having to move to a new place is not something that is fun for anyone. The idea of moving and the enjoyment of getting into a new place can be exciting but the act of moving is hard and stressful. There is a lot that has to go into moving whether you are moving down the street or out of the state. You have to go through the same process. Most people make a plan to go through their things and declutter before they start to pack. This will ensure that they are not taking things with them that they don’t need. You also likely have to hire a mover that can come out and load and move your things to your new house. Once you are in your house you might think that the stress of moving is done but it isn’t. There are still things that have to be done to ensure that you are all set to start living in your new space. You have to be ready to unpack and that can be just as stressful. Good Time Moving & Storage outlines what you can do to make unpacking easier and less stressful.

Take Pictures Before You Disassemble Furniture for Moving

One of the things that seems to help people when they move is to take pictures before you start to pack. You want to take photos of areas of the house that might be difficult to put back together. You can start with your bookshelves, cupboards, cabinets and other organized areas. You also might want to take a picture of how your rooms are set up or the way that you hung décor on the wall. This is a great way to show how you had something before and make it easier to place it when you move to your new house. The pictures will act as a guide but also tell you where each item came from if you are not sure. The other reason to take pictures is to have an inventory of your items.

Label & Color Code Moving Boxes

The other thing that you can do is to make sure that you have a system when you pack. Noting is more frustrating when you are trying to unpack then not knowing if the box you are about to open is for the kitchen or that bathroom. The best thing you can do is to make a color code to label all of your boxes that you are going to be packing. You can use tape of paper to place on each box to identify if it is a box for a particular space. You want to have a master key that shows the movers what they mean. This also makes it great when you go to each room and need to locate an item that is packed away.

Moving Essentials Box

One of the mistakes that people tend to make is that they pack everything and send it off with the movers. Then they realize that they need to have access to some of the important things that you need when you arrive. This might be keys, paperwork or even toiletries. This is why you pack a keep box of these types of things that you keep with you when you take your trip to your new house.

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