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Tips for a Smooth Move in Cookeville, TN; What to Pack in Large Moving Boxes, Finish Packing Before Big Day & More

Especially when you work with a moving company, whether moving locally or over a long distance; the smoother the experience, the better. To help your move be more of a success, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to share some of the most helpful etiquette.

Let Movers Work

Let the professionals do their jobs as they were formally trained to do should you hire a professional. To move your home’s contents safely, professionals have the experience to conduct the move using the right application of methods and techniques.

Finish Packing Before Moving Day

Make certain to have the packing done before the day scheduled for moving your stuff out unless you have invested in the service or a full package and the experts pack for you.

When Moving, Hold Onto Jewelry, Cash, Prescriptions & Personal Documents

Most professionals will not be responsible for valuables or important documents and will commonly include on non-allowable list. To keep your important documents and valuables with you during your move, it is in your better interest and is safer.

Label Moving Boxes

To help your movers unload more efficiently and avoid the hassle of playing traffic director have each box labeled with which room it belongs. This tip alone can accelerate the process and make the move a lot smoother.

Mark Fragile Moving Boxes

Help make sure the movers know by clearly labeling the box if the items are especially fragile. Unless it is written plainly, they are not going to differentiate which boxes are fragile from the ones that are not.

Allow Movers Accessibility

Be certain the information is given to the movers as well as the best access your apartment in the event there are any time limitations on parking or moving hours and where they can park. There is a clear path to travel back and forth from the truck, make sure no matter your living accommodation as well.

What to Pack in Large Moving Boxes

Larger boxes filled with heavy items will make moving difficult. As they are not only heavy and awkward, the bottom can break through. Put the lighter things filling in the larger boxes and disperse heavier items in the smaller boxes.

Lighten Furniture when Moving

Heavy and bulky furniture is involved and is an increased risk for damage or hazards. Make certain to at the very least, remove the drawers and contents to lighten the load if you do not break down and properly label hardware and protect furniture in individual pieces.

Stay Available to Movers

Make sure to not disappear while the movers are there, stay close by so they can find you quickly if questions arise should your moving crew need your direction.

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