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What Should I Consider Before Downsizing to Pack, Load & Move from Antioch, TN?

When you are ready to move to a new house it is a good idea to prepare as much as you can ahead of time. There are many reasons behind moving from one place to another. It can be because you need to relocate for a job or you are moving closer to family. When you decide to make the move to a new location many people are either going to stick with a house that is the same size, increase the space that is needed or downsize. When you are moving and have decided that you need to downsize your home it can be very frustrating. The hardest part is that you should not take everything from your current house to your new house. That is because there is not enough space in the new house to hold everything that you have. Trying to decide what you want to take can be hard and will take come time. You also need to know what space you have available in terms of rooms as well as square footage. Good Time Moving & Storage offers helpful tips on how to prepare to downsize to a smaller place.

Create an Inventory List

You want to go through the house and make a list of what you have. You can separate the list by size of the items such as beds, dressers, couches and shelves. You also want to list the other items that you have like paintings, rugs and tables so that you can make a determination about what needs to go with you. The best way to choose what you are going to take is to look at the list and if all the items are lost or damaged what you would go out and replace. You can make a list of things that you find most important and ensure that they go with you.

Sell or Donate Extra Stuff when Moving

One of the hardest aspects about having to downsize is the simple fact that you have to get rid of items that are in use and in great shape. They are not going out to the dumpster because they are broken so it can be hard to get rid of them. To make it a bit easier you can make a list of things that you will sell online or hold a garage sell. You can also donate some of the items so that you feel good knowing that someone will get use of it.

Organize Personal Belongings You are Keeping

To put it all in perspective you can then go through the items that you have decided you want to keep and make a plan on where you will put it. Make a drawing that shows the rooms and draw in the furniture that you want to keep. This will help you to visualize what the room will look like and it can alleviate the stress of getting rid of some of your other items.

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