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What Should You Do & Not Do when Moving in Antioch, TN? Pack Personal Docs Separate & More

Volumes of books can be written regarding the best tips to make a long distance move; from planning to packing to traveling, to settling in a new home, there is a ton of ideas that can make the long distance move more smooth and efficient. Where we could discuss and share tips for long distance moving forever, we at Good Time Moving & Storage have selected a handful of tips that will contribute to the ease of the experience.

What to Do & Avoid when Moving

1) Don’t forget the mattress. Most people are pretty good when it comes to boxing their possessions, but the mattress is one of the most common items that rarely get considered during the packing process. A mattress can take a lot of abuse on a long and bumpy road trip. To avoid a mattress that is lumpy, bent, and likely to need replacing, ensure it is properly packaged.
2) Do not leave behind food. No one wants to toss away food they spent good money on. Packing up the unused food often gets destroyed and create mess on the long transport. Months before the move, use as much as your reserves as possible and any unopened food that remains can be donated to loved ones, soup kitchens or other organizations. Opened food should be tossed.
3) Pack in an organized way and efficiently label the boxes. As you pack the boxes and storage containers, you have the perfect opportunity to organize the items by room and documenting the basic contents on each box. This will help unloading and unpacking a lot easier.
4) As you label the boxes, include your name. If a moving company is hauling a family’s belongings to the same location, there could be some confusion. Eliminate any possible impediments and jot your name on the boxes as you label.
5) Plan for the worst, hope for the best. The contents of your household will be handled by multiple hands, be stored in a truck as it travels on roads that could cause bumps and other such risks. It is likely the boxes will take a little abuse during the trip and you want to make certain the boxes and tape is of high quality and they are properly sealed. Ensure your delicate and fragile treasures are efficiently cushioned and bubble wrapped.
6) Invest in quality insurance. When moving, there are many scenarios that could occur that puts your stuff at risk. Though moving companies are insured, they typically are only covered the minimum requirement. It is in your better interest that you buy a secure insurance policy and carry it with you in the rare event catastrophe strikes.
7) Pack personal documents and some items that stay with you. Having an emergency suitcase can help save you if the moving truck is delayed. In your emergency suit case, pack personal documents that include driver’s license, passports, billing information, bank information and other important documents. Pack the minimum toiletries and a few changes of clothing, just in case.
8) Inspect the patio furniture. Frequently unconsidered is the outdoor furniture, which can easily be infested with insect eggs, larvae or pests in general. To help prevent infestations and outbreaks when crossing state lines, have your furniture inspected by professional pest control technician to prevent insect transportation.

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