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When is the Best Time to Move to a New House or Apartment from Old Hickory, TN to Peak Moving Season?

Deciding to move to a new area can be an exciting time. Sometimes you may have a calculated amount of time to move; while there are other circumstances that leave you moving at the last minute. You may not always have complete control over when you move, but if you do, there may be some real benefits that come with moving at the most optimal time. Good Time Moving & Storage is here to talk about what the best time to move actually is.

Best Season to Move

There are some obvious answers that may make certain seasons more comfortable to move in. The real answer to the best season to move in is, it depends. If you have kids that you are trying be looking to move when the weather is optimal.

Best Months to Move

There are definitely certain months that are better when it comes to moving than others. If you plan your move between mid-September-April, you will not only get the best price for your move, but you will also not have nearly as much competition the deal with. This means that availability will be much better. Because demand is down, so is the price of a moving company. If you live in a college town, you will want to avoid the first couple weeks in September as well as the last couple of weeks in April as these are the most common weeks that students are coming and going.

Best Week to Move

When it comes to all four weeks in a month, you will find that moving in the middle of the month will suit you better than the beginning or end. With leases coming to an end at the beginning and end of each month, moving companies are usually busiest at those times as well. If you can move on the 2nd or 3rd week in a month, you will get better rates and moving companies will be more likely to work with whatever plan you have for moving without much of a problem.

Best Day to Move to New House or Apartment

Most people enjoy the luxury of having the weekends off from work. That’s why weekends are so busy for movers. If you can swing it, you will be better off if you can plan your move for Monday-Thursday. Some people can’t afford to take time off during the week to move, but if you can do it, it may be worth its weight in gold. When you move during the week you can enjoy the weekend to get a head start on putting your new place together and unpack boxes too.

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