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How Do You Relocate an Elderly Parent or Adult in Millersville, TN? Hire a Senior Mover to Help Downsize & Move

It might feel like an even bigger job when you’re an older adult trying to move, though moving is a big job for anyone. Being a lot of work, sorting through all your belongings and lifting heavy furniture can seem daunting and problematic. If you are moving out of the home you have raised your family in, it can feel especially difficult. Today, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to share some moving and packing tips and tricks for older adults who are relocating.

How Do You Help Senior Citizens Downsize & Move?

1) As Early as Possible, Begin Planning. This is helpful for anyone moving. Start planning your move 6 months out from your desired moving date if you can. You can feel fully prepared by the time the day comes around. You can schedule a trusted moving company on your desired date, when you start planning early as well.
2) Find Your Perfect Fit by Researching Moving Companies. There are many moving companies that can relocate your long-distance move. There are few that are dependable, efficient, and affordable, however. Take the time to look for reputable moving experts such as Good Time Moving & Storage.
3) Have a Moving Timeline. You will have a better idea of what your timeline looks like once you have decided on a moving company. From your moving day, get out your calendar or planner and work backwards. Have the moving day marked and create checklist backwards to having various rooms packed, yard sales, retrieving medical documents and other government documents and banking details, etc.
4) Downsize. Try your best to downsize your belongings before the packing process begins. make sure you allow yourself enough time to downsize, this step may take a little longer if you are moving into a smaller home or space.
5) Collect the Necessary Materials and Supplies. before you begin, be certain you have all of the necessary tools, like cardboard boxes, tape, and scissors, if you are packing your own belongings. Getting into the groove of packing just to find out you are missing something is the last thing you want. Professional moving companies often include materials and supplies to help you move.
6) Consider Storage Options. Whether you are intending to return the original state or not sure about living arrangements to the relocated home, you may need to consider storage options. Also, especially if downsizing isn’t something you can or want to do, storage might be a great option for you, if you are downsizing substantially. No matter what type of storage you are looking for, Good Time Moving & Storage can meet your needs.
7) Ensure You Have Time to Adjust. This is a critical step. Particularly if you are moving from a home that has been your home for quite some time, moving can be emotionally taxing. Make sure to give yourself time to adjust the new environment.

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