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How Should I Prepare for Moving in Advance in Oak Ridge, TN? Pack & Clean During Move, Make Inventory List & More

When you are ready to move from one place to another you know that there is a lot that goes into it. The moving process is intense but if you take a planned outline to prepare you are sure to make it easier. A move is a serious undertaking and you have to give yourself enough time to get everything done. This is not a time that you want to sit around and wait for the moving truck. You need to be sure that use this time wisely and do what you can to prepare your home for the big move. Be sure that you contact a moving company that is able to do moving expertly and efficiently. Set up the time and date for them to come pack and load your belongings, then you need to get to work. Good Time Moving & Storage offers helpful tips on how to spend your time while waiting for the date the moving truck will arrive.

What Should I Get Rid of Before Moving?

This is the time to go through your closet, boxes and supplies to see what you really need. There is most likely all sorts of items that you know you aren’t going to use but are hanging onto for the just in case. These items are not really worth paying to move them only to continue to store them at your new house. You want to save as much space as you can for the items that you really need. Eliminate these items by throwing them out, donating them or even giving them away.

Sell Unwanted Items for Fast Cash

Now that you have pulled out all your stuff that you no longer need you can make some money. These items may not be necessary for you any longer but they might be perfect for another person. You can take the items that are in good shape and set up a yard sale. The yard sale is done one a good day with nice weather. Then lay out what you have and wait for those early morning shoppers. You can always donate what you don’t sell but this is a great idea on getting some extra spending cash.

Make a Moving Inventory List

Moving from one place to another is hard and can sometimes take time. Your belongings are trucked over to your new location while you bring yourself. This means that these items will need to be gone through and unloaded when you arrive. This can turn chaotic so it is best to have a list. You want to make a list and inventory on what you are packing and label the boxes. Then you can look at your list and open the box that you need when you need it.

Pack & Clean when Moving

One of the hardest things about moving is that you have to clear out all the rooms and you have to clean as well. The best way to do this is to clear a room at a time and pack it up. Once you are done packing one room you should get it cleaned and then stay out. The room is cleared out and cleaned. Then you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on the rest of the house one room at a time.

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