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Moving Senior Citizens in Harriman, TN; How Do I Move My Elderly Parents?

When you have a loved one that is getting older and needs more and more help get through their daily life it might be time to move them. The time to move a loved one into an assisted living facility or to a family member’s home can be difficult. There is not a particular age that people are moved out of their own space. It all really depends on the family and what their loved one is able to do on their own. Some elderly only need help occasionally with heavy lifting or rides to a doctor appointment. These are not reasons to take them out of their own house. When they start to need help on a daily basis of their health has declined it could be time. If they are in a position that being alone is not conducive then you may want to move them closer to family and friends. The move might be from their own home to a new place that is quite far away and you want to make sure they are prepared. Good Time Moving & Storage offers helpful tips for senior citizens when moving long distance.

Help Seniors Understand the Need to Move

When you make the decision that your loved one needs to be moved you want to make sure that they understand. It is a good idea to look take time to go out to their home and talk to them in person. You can use facts about what they are going through so they can have an understanding about why they need to move. You can also use some good facts about the move such as who they can be around and how often people can visit. They also can be reassured that they will have the help that they need to get all their appointments and care.

Organize Their Space

The next thing that you want to do is to go through their home or space. The move to a family member’s house or to an assisted living space means that your loved one will not have as much space as they are used to. You want to take time to go through their belongings and pick out first what they need to take with them. What they need on a regular basis and what will help them feel at home. The rest of the belongings can be stored or passed down to family members such as heirlooms and more. The work to organize may take some time when you are helping the elderly because they may not have had access to these things for some time and want to reminisce on some of it.

Hire a Professional Mover

The move from a loved one’s home to a facility can be hard to take in. That is why you want to hire a moving company that can come out and take the belongings for you to their new location. That way you can focus your time on your loved one and make the drive to the new house an enjoyable experience. You can spend more time with them rather than packing and moving their boxes.

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