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What Should You Bring when Moving from Harriman, TN? Consider Layout & Size of New Home when Packing

Whether you are moving locally or long distance, you need to be extremely organized. You have one shot to get everything in order and move what you want to take. You need to have your home you are leaving in the condition that is required when it is time to turn the keys over. You also need to get a hold of utilities and take care of other arrangements when you arrive and when you leave. The moving company will come out and pick up your belongings as well as drive your belonging to your new home. When you move across town you have several trips to take care of everything and you can always go back if you forget something. Long distance is a very different story which is why having a plan and using your organizational skills is key. You need to be sure that you get it all in one go. Good Time Moving & Storage lists tips when moving and what you need to take with you.

What Should You Bring when You Move?

When you are moving close by, you have many opportunities to go back and collect the things that you might want. It is not a huge hassle to take what you want and sift through it later if necessary. When you are moving a long distance it is best to go through your items such as furniture and decide what really is important. One trip is all you will get and that means you need to pack smart. The packing of larger items are crucial and you need to know what you really need in advance. Be sure to understand the layout of the home you are moving to and what you know will fit. This is a great time to donate or sell off some pieces of furniture that you don’t want to pay to have sent to your new house.

You Should Number & Label Your Moving Boxes

It may seem as if this would become tedious and unnecessary but numbering your boxes is crucial. Moving a far distance means that the journey will take longer and you will want to locate particular things as they are needed. When you number the boxes it gives you the freedom to find what you need and take you time getting settled in. The boxes should be numbered and a corresponding spreadsheet made to show what is in that particular box. Then when you need to find your swimming suits you can do that with ease. You can then bypass the items that you only need on occasion and that will end up saving you time.

Road Trip Planner when Moving

If you are moving long distance it is not always wise or efficient to drive it all in one day. You will need to stop for food, gas and to get a break from the car. The best thing that you can do is to pre plan the stops that you want to make and know where you will stay and eat. This makes the trip more enjoyable and you already know what you are looking forward to.

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