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Office Moving Tips in Antioch, TN; Organize & Set Relocation Action Plan Early, Move Announcement & More

When relocating office buildings or when a business needs to move it is important to plan out the move. During a move, a business can lose essential documents, office supplies, and equipment. To ensure a smooth move and have a desire that none of the more delicate equipment is damaged during the process, you will want to be fully prepared. Good Time Moving & Storage will share a few tips when moving an office or business to ensure the move is a success.

Plan Office Relocation Project Early

Most business owners will see a move coming a month or two in advance. When there is plenty of notice you don’t want to wait until moving day to begin packing. There are a number of steps you can take before the move that will help the move go more smoothly. Following are some of the steps you can begin taking to make sure the move goes more smoothly.

Office Moving Announcement to Employees

When an office is relocating one of the first steps you will want to take is notifying all of the employees. You will want to provide them with a date and time of the move. Provide them some notice to pack up their desk in an organized fashion and provide opportunity for any personal items they may want to pack and move themselves.

Itemize What to Take or Replace

When you have plenty of time before a move, you will want to begin itemizing all of the furniture, office equipment and documents you will want to take and those that you don’t need. At times, office desks or chair may be a bit run down. Instead of filling a moving truck with items you don’t want and plan to replace, consider selling or throwing the broken items away. Make a list of large appliances and furniture you will be taking to the new location. This way you can get the right size moving trucks you will need. If there are any documents you no longer need you may want to shred them. For those you are keeping, make sure to get plenty of document moving boxes for more methodical packing.

Labeling Strategies to Organize an Office Move

When moving smaller items in boxes or documents you will want to be detailed to find them easier, label each box. Depending on the nature of the business, often an employee will have clients and will need all of the documents back at their desk or in their office. When labeling boxes you will want to write the on the label the items inside as well as where the boxes will need to go. This way all of the employees will have all of their documents and equipment to ensure their office is up and running faster.

Hire a Local Moving Company

Another important step you will want to take in advance is hiring a moving service. Moving services can be rather difficult to schedule as they can be booked weeks, if not months, in advance. When you need help relocating an entire office you will want to have a quality moving service to ensure the move gets done in a timely and efficient fashion. Moving services can provide moving trucks, storage, and loading and unloading services.

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