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Organizing & Decluttering when Moving in Murfreesboro, TN; Pros of Purging & Minimizing Before You Move

Whether you are planning a local move or a long distance move, professionals reiterate the importance of downsizing and removing the clutter. People collect junk and stuff they simply do not need over the years. The perfect opportunity to downsize your possessions presents itself when you move. Today, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to offer some recommendations to help you reduce your haul.

Advantages of Purging & Minimizing Before You Move

In addition to lessening the burden of unnecessary possessions through decluttering, you reduce moving costs, time and effort it takes to pack, transport, and unpack as well. Other benefits are listed below.
Free up space in the new home: You can free up a lot of space and use the square footage for something else, no matter if you are moving to a bigger home or a smaller one in the new area. For example, instead of having an excessive amount of boxed junk in your basement, you use that space as a game room or even a home office.
Lessen Stress: The packing and organizing will be less stressful and overwhelming when you have room to pack and unpack and arrange your furniture.
Eliminate Clutter: To help the project be less intimidating and more manageable, declutter one room at a time.

Declutter Checklist for Moving

To start the process of decluttering, collect the necessary materials. Clear packing tape, note cards, garbage bags, cardboard boxes, and fresh markers are a few of the essentials. Toss, broken, or useless items in the garbage bags, label a box for donation and place clothes, dishes, electronics, and so on that you no longer need but are still in great shape. If you have the time, now is also a good time to start packing the nonessential items that you need, such as off-season clothing, books you won’t get time to read, and so on. Make certain you label donation boxes and the boxes you are packing with the room they go in and the basic contents. If you plan on a yard sale, set those items aside.

What to Keep & Discard when Moving

It can be hard to let go of your treasure trove. Keep the general guideline mind: aside from sentimental items and keepsakes, anything you haven’t used within a 12-month period should be considered for the dump, donation, or yard sale category. As you go, get rid of the boxes and bags. To get the packed boxes that are going with you out of the way throughout the process, the moving boxes can be placed in a corner of the room so movers can get to it easy, or better yet, having a storage facility secure your items can help offer more space in the home. Recycle and trash as the bags fill to get rid of the clutter. Take them a few at a time to make sure you have room as you go through your home as you get a few donation boxes set aside. As you prepare for that event, the yard sale items should have a designated area.

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