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What is the Best Way to Pack Books when Moving in Nashville, TN? How to Prep Boxes & More

Packing and moving can be daunting. It never seems to be a simple task that is done easily. It always takes away from your life and can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Now add onto that certain items that you need to pack that are often times a problem. One of those items are books. Most people have a bookshelf all the way to a library full of books. They are not light and packing tons of books into one box can be a problem for several reasons. One is that the box can give out and will break as soon as you move it or lift it up. The other is if you can even lift the box in the first place, they are heavier than you think so it takes some good skill and helpful tips to get your library boxed up. Good Time Moving & Storage offers tips on packing your library and all of your books for a move.

How Do I Downsize My Book Collection?

One of the hardest things about packing books is that if you have several books in one box it can be extremely heavy. Now think about moving several boxes that are full of books and you may think it a good time to reconcile. When you are moving long distance it is a great time to go through lots of your belongings. When you go through your books you want to get rid of anything you know you won’t be using anymore. This can be children’s books that are out of date for your family. Books that you have studied with and no longer need. A great place to take them is to a locate library to donate them to their collection. Downsizing your books is a great first step. Now that you have gotten your books into a stack of what you want to take you need to have a plan on how to get them packed properly. They are not a fragile item like your glassware but they need to be packed right to minimize the possibility of damage.

Get the Best Packaging Materials for a Book

It may interest you to know that there are actually boxes that are made to pack and ship boxes. These are a great option to have if you have books that are going with you when you move. You also will need good packing tape, a marker to label the boxes and some packing paper to fill in gaps that may be left open.

Prep the Box & Pack the Books

You want to go through your boxes and get them ready for packing. Tape them securely and ready to load the books from the shelf. After you are ready to go you can go through packing and loading the boxes in several different ways. One way is to put them in the box upright. The open part of the book should be faced to the side of the box. You can also load the flat and you need to load them larger and heavier books first. This is a safe way to keep them from shifting. You can also use the spine down option. This is not a great way to load your books but it can be an option if you need to use it for some reason.

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