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Busting Myths About Moving Companies in Brentwood, TN; Movers are Not All the Same & More

Moving the contents your home over long distances is a stressful experience, especially if the task of doing so gives a short limited time. Amongst the many preparations and arrangements that need to be made, along with the seemingly endless chore of going through your possessions and packing what you want and getting rid of the rest in one form or another, you certainly have your hands full. When you let friends, family, and even acquaintances know of the journey, everyone has advice, even those who have never moved or moved in decades. Consulting the internet for advice doesn’t always pan out either because so many believe the information are facts, many moving myths are born and spread like wild fire. In an effort to help you avoid poor advice, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like correct a few of the most common myths we heard to ensure you long distance is smooth and successful.

Professional Moving Companies are Not All in the Same

By far, one of the worst and most ridiculous myths there is concerning any company, especially moving companies. Some companies do not have a team of properly trained or experienced movers, but only sub-employ the people as needed to fulfill their work orders. Many of these recruits lack experience and have never professionally moved anyone before. With long distance moving companies such as Good Time Moving & Storage employing experienced professionals who have experience packing and moving common household items as well as unique ones, you will have a better experience. In addition to the staff not being quality experts, some will have different charge rates and include different fees for different services. Not all moving companies are the same.

Professional Moving Companies have Different Insurance Coverage

The insurance professional movers have include different policies that only cover so much of the financial loss. When selecting a moving company, find out what their insurance covers and ask about additional insurance costs to ensure your valuables are well protected in the event an unfortunate incident occurs.

Need to Use Best Materials for Packing & Packaging Moving Boxes

Many people advise those who are moving to ask for used boxes from the local grocery store and find the 5 year old tape that was hidden in the back of drawer, use markers that are nearly expended, and collect old catalogs for wrapping valuables; all of these things can inevitably lead to disaster. When moving over long distance, your precious treasures need all the protection they can get. Quality products, properly sized, or even custom made boxes, strong tape, protective bubble wrap, and even fresh markers will increase the odds of a successfully safe and smooth move.

Best Day to Move Varies

This myth was started by realtors who suggest the day so you have the weekend of getting settled and be ready by the beginning of the week. Not only is this impossible for long distance moves, but a lot of people have been lead to believe this myth, and the masses are using the weekend to move. If you are trying to move sooner than later, finding a moving company that can schedule your move on a weekend in the near future will be next to impossible and many companies take advantage of weekend movers and increase rates. Though the Friday move might prove convenient for many, it is not necessarily the prime day.

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When you are making the arrangement for your local or long distance move, call in the professionals of Good Time Moving & Storage where our experts can lighten the load and help you get to your new destination safely.

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