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How Do You Prepare a Dresser for Moving in Franklin, TN? Is it Better to Move with Drawers In?

Our valued clients often ask the question, rhetorically or even to professionals, “Should I empty the drawers before moving the dresser?” The answer is usually no, especially with the help of our professionals who are trained to and equipped to handle heavy furnishings. With that in mind, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to take the opportunity to discuss moving the dresser drawers with or without contents.

Is it Better to Move a Dresser with the Drawers In or Out?

Despite a full dresser being heavy, it comes with a few perks, like not unloading, packing, unpacking and reloading the drawers and it does save space on the moving van as well. But there are a few instances where unpacking it is safer in the long run. Below you will find a few things to consider if you are packing the dresser yourself.

1) Sturdiness. If the draws of the dresser are well-built and in good shape you probably don’t need to empty it. Note it the drawers and frame are solid, joints and corners are stable and the dresser itself is comprised of solid wood. If you attempt to lift the dresser ad it feels flimsy, fragile or old, the full drawers will stress it and the wood could crack or even break it apart while you are trying to move it. In this case, unloading the drawers is ideal.
2) Strength. When you are moving a full drawer, you need the strength to do it. Dresser will need to be kept upright and you need to be able to manipulate it through the doors, around tight corners, and possible staircases. The dresser is very difficult to carry when it is full. No matter the additional weight load, professionals can make the loading and unloading of a full dresser relatively easy. Not only does a moving crew have the strength, but professional possess state-of-the-art equipment to make moving heavy loads simple. If you lack the strength or the man power, invest in professional assistance or take the time to unload it for safe moving.
3) Drawer Contents. You may still to unload the drawers if the dresser is solid and you have the strength. Generally, soft clothing, linens, bedding, pillows, and towels can stay, but just don’t over stuff them. Fragile or valuable items should be packed separately regardless of the dresser’s status. Items like glass, art, porcelain, jewelry, heirlooms, cash, checks, cards, books, CDs, DVDs, sensitive documents, or small items that can be lost if it should slip out of the drawers.
4) Transported Upright. When it comes to moving the dresser, in order to get the dresser in different areas, it sometimes requires it to be on its side; as long as the dresser can stay upright the whole time, the full drawers should be fine. Curving staircases or narrow doorways in the path, empty the contents.

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All in all, leaving soft items in the drawer is rather encouraged; just remember the above guidelines as to whether or not your dresser drawers stay full. When it comes to moving, Good Time Moving & Storage is readily available to help you on your next move. Call us today!

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