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What Items Must Not Be Packed when Moving Homes in Hendersonville, TN?

When you have made the decision to move from one location to the next the stress can be overwhelming. The decision to move can be hard but the hard work starts after it has been made. Getting your schedule lined up so that you can pack and move your household items in a timely manner is an arduous task. It takes a lot of work and it is best left to the help of a professional. Although they can do a lot of the work you need to know what you are packing and where it needs to go. Good Time Moving & Storage lists items that you should never pack when you are moving long distance.

What Do You Do with Perishable Food when Moving?

When you are ready to pack your kitchen it can take a lot of work. The kitchen is full of cups and other dishes that are breakable. That is why it is important that they are packed with wrap to protect them. Other parts of the kitchen that is difficult to deal with is the spice cupboard and more. When it comes to the kitchen there are some items that you need to use before you leave or give away. Any foods that are kept in the fridge and the freezer are best left behind. If they are packed and put in the truck that is moving your belongings they can go bad and cause odor to emit. They can also start to leak which could damage any of the items that are near the area.

Hazardous Items Must Not Be Packed when Moving Homes?

There are some items that should not be packed because they can be a hazard. One of them is any aerosol items such as hairspray and spray paint. The change in the elevation from one place to the next could cause these items to explode. The contents could then get all over your belongings. You also want to get rid of hazardous materials such as paint and pesticides. You want to make sure that they are disposed of properly or donated to a friend of family member that is staying in the area.

Do Not Pack Lighters & Other Flammable Items on Move Day

It is best to leave anything that is flammable out of the packing. The ride could be hard and long and when these items are in the trailer they could ignite. Leave behind any charcoal, lighters, lighter fluid and even matches. Matches especially are bad because they can ignite strictly by rubbing against one another. On top of flammable items you want to keep your fire extinguisher out of the truck as well. If you need to have one in your house it is best to purchase a new one when you get to the new location.

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