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What Movers Won’t Move in Smithville, TN; Pets, Plants Over a Long Distance, Hazardous Materials & More

When you are getting ready for a big move, it can be filled with excitement as well as stress. What can make a stressful situation even more stressful is to find out that you have several belongings that your movers can’t move for you when they show up to start. That’s why it’s important to know what a professional moving company can and cannot move for you as far as your belongings go. Good Time Moving & Storage is here to talk about some of the items that you will need to make other arrangements for.

Will Movers Move Pets?

This may not come as a surprise to many, but movers can’t move your pets no matter how small they may be. You will need to make different arrangements for the pets in your life. Most people want to have their pets with them, in their own vehicle when moving, but there have been many people in the past that are surprised that a moving company won’t move their live animals.

Will Movers Move Plants Long Distance?

If you have any beloved plants that you are planning to move with you, that is something you will have to take care of on your own. The live plants will have to be transported in your vehicle. If you are moving across state lines, you need to be sure that it is legal to move your plants with you as there are some states that have restrictions on plants and moving them. It is actually illegal to transport plants more than 150 miles without a special license as pests, such as the emerald ash borer or other predators, can hitch a ride on your house plant and allow those pests to be introduced into your new area.

Will Movers Move Cleaning Products & Hazardous Materials

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but a moving company won’t move any hazardous materials for you. This includes many cleaners as well as corrosives that many homeowners have in their homes. You will need to leave them behind or move them on your own. Most of these items can easily be replaced once you get to your new destination.

Movers Won’t Move Lawn Mowers or Combustible & Flammable Items

For safety reasons, anything that is combustible, or flammable can’t be moved on a moving truck. If you have a lawnmower or other engine powered equipment that you need to move, the gasoline or fuel will need to be drained out of it several days before it can be moved. Movers won’t be able to move items like paint, propane tanks, aerosols and gasoline.

Will Movers Move Valuables?

While there is probably not a rule saying that movers won’t move your fine jewelry, financial & personal documents or cash, most people aren’t comfortable allowing movers to handle these items and keep them closer to their person. It is always a good idea to keep those extremely valuable and irreplaceable items close when moving.

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